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Meet Mr T (john)

mr t

With over 13 years experience in a commercial and broadcast environment I specialise in visual effects for film, T.V, corporate, Social Media, and digital marketing. I have worked as a visual effects editor for the BBC, Sony Entertainment, and many others. I have had the opportunity to lecture in some of the top universities in the United Kingdom in the field of VFX & Media.

So you’re wondering when did all of “THIS” Mr. T stuff start? Well about six years ago I was pulled into the lookalike entertainment business after attending co-workers 80’s themed birthday and I have never looked back. I have had the opportunity to work for corporations like Walmart, Virgin Media, Serco Group, Sky TV, Atlantic Records, Universal Music Group, Orange Mobile, Vodafone, Butlins, Beefeater Pubs / Restaurants, Walkabout Clubs, and many more. I have been used for meet and greet as well as commercial videos that have been broadcast on TV and online. I am originally from New York so I sound just like Mr. T… don’t worry it’s all authentic.

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